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Learn to make a polymer clay mermaid with Nenúfar Blanco

Ebook in PDF format.

91 pages and 290 colour pictures.

In this book, I will teach you how to create a polymer clay mermaid following my own techniques, you will see every step I take during the creation process with many pictures and very easy to follow detailed instructions. You will learn tricks and I will give you useful tips based on my own experiences.

It’s not necessary to have a wide knowledge of anatomy and experience in sculpting, you just need to be eager to learn!


Chapter 1. Polymer clay
Chapter 2. Clay conditioning and blending
Chapter 3. Tools and supplies
Chapter 4. Safety tips
Chapter 5. Armature
Chapter 6. Fins
Chapter 7. Eyes
Chapter 8. Sculpting the head
Chapter 9. Sculpting torso and tail
Chapter 10. Sculpting arms and hands
Chapter 11. Painting tail and making scales
Chapter 12. Cleaning and painting
Chapter 13. Wigging
Chapter 14. Headpiece and last details
Chapter 15. Photographing your mermaid
Chapter 16. Links

— Available in English and Spanish —

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